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Developing Homeownership

 A-1 CHS works with individuals who are buying their first home or those who are returning back into homeownership, and have the desire to educate themselves, in the process and importance of planning ahead in order to manage their finances and become successful homeowners. We offer workshops that cover:

  • Preparing for homeownership

  • Managing finances

  • Understanding the importance of good credit

  • The process of qualifying for a mortgage

  • Available down payment and closing costs programs

  • Importance of protecting investments.

Maintaining Homeownership

 A-1 CHS focuses on educating homeowners about the mortgage foreclosure process. We offer group and one on one counseling sessions so that individuals may better understand the options available and how to make it through a financial hardship. Through the process they will learn about government programs that may offer relief. They will also be informed about alternatives options; repayment plans, forbearance, deed-in-lieu and liquidation. Our housing advisers work with homeowners and their financial institution in order to provide the best possible outcome. 

Financial Literacy and Education

For generation consumer have been overspending. As a majority, the general populated have not been educated in the fundamentals of spending & saving. Our finicail literacy workshops include the following:

  • Creating a budget

  • Strategies on how to manage finances

  • Consequences on falling behind on debt

  • Managing personal assets

Credit Management

We offer credit repair assistance to consumers interested in cleaning up their credit and improving their FICO score. Our credit repair classes include the following:

  • Review of the credit report

  • Correcting credit report errors and removing old information

  • Prioritizing debts

  • How to negotiate debt with creditors

  • Creating a budget

  • How to reduce debts and expenses

  • Strategies to rebuild credit

  • How to avoid identity theft and credit scams